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Frequently Asked Questions

Argyle Event Staffing 

8235 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 200

West Hollywood, CA 90046

How do I submit my availability?

Once logged into the Argyle Event Staff portal, select the AVAILABILITY tab in the top pink menu bar.  Complete each section with the information indicating which days and times you are available to be BOOKED to work an event. 

**Weekly availability should be submitted on Monday. 


What if my availability changes?

If your submitted availability changes, and you have NOT yet received a BOOKED email for an event day, you can email minor changes to  If there are major changes to your availability, you can re-submit your availability at any time. 


How do I get BOOKED for an event? 

Once you've submitted your availability, if there is an event that fits your time schedule, we will reach out with a BOOKED email.  The BOOKED email locks you into working an event on that day. Details be sent out closer to the event day.  


How do I know what event I am working?

Event details will be emailed out closer to your event date.  Details will include Event Name

Event Time

Event Location

Wardrobe for Event

Roster of Other Staff Working

Event Details (If provided by client)


What if I am running late for my event?

Event staff must arrive and be ready to begin working or signing in at the event time. IF you are running late, you must CALL the emergency cell phone - 323.240.5050

Please allow extra time to arrive early so you have time to park and be on time to the venue. 


How do I get paid for working an event?

Once you have worked an event, within 24 hours of the event, log on to the Argyle Event Staff portal and select the TIMESHEETS tab in the pink menu bar.  Complete the necessary fields of information to submit your timesheet, a timesheet must be submitted for every event worked. 


When do I get paid?

Paychecks are issued every other Friday for the events worked for the 2 weeks prior to the previous Thursday. Wow - that's confusing! 

Here are list of the paydays and pay periods for the start of 2022:

Paycheck 1/28 (Pay period = 1/7 - 1/20)

Paycheck 2/11 (Pay period = 1/21 - 2/3)

Paycheck 2/25 (Pay period = 2/4 - 2/17)

Paycheck 3/11 (Pay period = 2/18 - 3/3)

Paycheck 3/25 (Pay period = 3/4 - 3/17)

Paycheck 4/8 (Pay period = 3/18 - 3/31)

Paycheck 4/22 (Pay period = 4/1 - 4/14)

Paycheck 5/6 (Pay period = 4/15 - 4/28)

Paycheck 5/20 (Pay period = 4/29 - 5/12)

Paycheck 6/3 (Pay period = 5/13 - 5/26)


What if I need to cancel working after I've received a BOOKED email?

Any cancellation requires a CALL to the emergency cell phone - 323.240.5050 and speak to an Argyle office team member. 


Is Argyle a bunch of robots in the office?

No! Argyle office staff are people that are working hard to match event staff to work great events.  


What if I have a non-emergency question?

If you have a general question, you can email

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